Valuation process

Valworx valuation process 

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Herewith our valuation process in short:

  • Request a quotation via our website or contact us at We will prepare a quotation based on the information supplied and send the quotation to you via email
  • You receive our proposal/quotation via email, note that we are open to discuss the quotation if needed
  • On acceptance, you will give us written permission to proceed with the valuation
  • Full payment is required before inspection
  • Send proof of payment to


  • The valuer will make contact with the contact person supplied, and arrange the date of inspection within 24 hours of acceptance of the quotation. The admin department will advise all persons of appointment via email or WhatsApp
  • The investigation entails the identifications of the property, and familiarising him/herself with the property, area, and all relevant important information
  • A physical inspection is done of the property and includes measuring of buildings, photographs, notes, and discussion of any concerns. It is recommended that someone is present at the time of the inspection. The duration of the inspection depends on the size and type of improvements on the property
  • The valuer will conduct the necessary market research such as sales, rentals, vacancies, land values, economic factors, building costs, etc. Market research is a critical part of the valuation and the time vary depending on the availability of information
  • Compilation of the report – Collate all research and information, and compile the valuation report. This is a fully motivated report (approx. 15 pages)
  • Final quality control is done and the report is signed off by the Professional Valuer


Valworx Admin
  • The admin department will send you the report via email
  • After you have had time to peruse such, you can discuss the report with the valuer and attend to any concerns you may have
  • For any representation, queries, or questions regarding the contents of the valuation certificate and/or report, kindly contact Valworx (Pty) Ltd in writing at within 30 days of having received the report


We at Valworx do what we do best, & love what we do!

Our valuers are registered with the SACPVP. Our experience and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession and specialise in Replacement cost valuations and Market valuations. We furthermore specialise in Sectional Title Schemes and HOA Insurance replacement cost valuations and can be regarded as leaders in this field.

We are proud to give our clients a comprehensive service with the ability of affordability and still give you a value added service. We offer various packages to choose from which will suite your pocket and needs.